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Experience Analytics.

Every night, thousands of data points flow through your doors. Strobe gives you a way to capture it all, letting you know who’s coming through, what they’re spending, and how to automatically bring them back.

Sell Out.

Our algorithms get you real-time insight into your shows' performance — even before they're booked. If attendance is lagging, let the machines take over and correct in real time.

Manage the Madness.

Strobe brings all the tech you use — ticketing, email, ads, VIP, customer service, and more to one platform of web and mobile apps. It's all for you... and some smart f*cking robots.

Financing. On Demand.

After hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of testing, we're confident enough to bet on our own technology. Have a promising concept, but need some capital? We've got you covered.
Know More. Do More. Sell More.